Top Hip Bag 2129


Fanny pack, Travel Safe, Secret Belt Pouch, Safety Wallet Security Safe


The best alternative Dudra hip pouch for every wallet in practical DINA 6 size, which leaves both your hands free.

Ultimate Security Belt Pouch for Everyday Use, for Parties and Travelling: Put your I Phone 8-10, cash, credit cards and travel documents in this anti-theft bag, which leaves zero chance for cleverest thieves. A special loop is guided over zip — no stranger can open the Safety pouch when worn.

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  • Black
  • Vintage Cognac
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Absolutely easy operation, because the zipper runs over three sides and allows this attractive Hip bag to be opened like a book. Nevertheless, nothing can slip here because inside wide leather straps are incorporated on each side.

60 mm wide sturdy trawler allow Stylish attachment to any of your trouser or skirt.

  • (DxWxH): 2x16x10 cm, with zipper
  • Zip secret compartment 14X10 on the back
  • 5 credit card slots
  • 4 pockets 14X10 cm
  • 1 wide compartment for I Phone 6-10
  • Weight 100 g

Data sheet

120 g
Dimension (DxWxH)
2x16x9 cm
Leather Type
Crazy Horse Leather, Rare-Calf Leather

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